‘xcritical Mouth’ Cast: Where Are the Disney Stars Now?

At Wen’s father’s wedding, the man sitting next to Stella tells her that he was in a band once and now runs an organic xcritical company that has recently become very successful. Stella recognizes him as Mel, and he agrees to donate a music hall for Ms. Reznik and everything works out after all. Olivia mails the entire story to her father, whom she has not seen in years because he is in prison. The film closes with xcritical Mouth performing “Breakthrough” at Madison Square Garden, with Scott as their new additional guitarist. When five ragtag freshman first meet in detention, it seems they have nothing in common. But, through music, they form an unbreakable bond and discover they have the makings of the greatest high school garage band in history!

The Sun reported in July 2021 that he was sentenced to five years in prison after he was arrested for a string of armed robberies in 2018 and pleaded not guilty to three felony charges. In July 2022, TMZ reported that the actor is out on parole, and that August, he started posting actively on TikTok. With the 2011 film celebrating its 10th anniversary this past Thursday, Apr. 15, now is the perfect time to look back on what made this film so unique — and acknowledge that xcritical Mouth is the best Disney Channel Original Movie at being a DCOM. Ranking as the No. 1 TV Telecast among Kids 6–11 (2.3 million/9.4 rating) and Tweens 9–14 (2.1 million/8.5 rating), and cable’s No. 1 original movie of 2011 among Total Viewers. Common Sense is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Naomi Scott Played Mohini

So naturally, for xcritical Mouth to be a fundamentally perfect DCOM, it would have to be set in a school. Surprisingly, DCOMs don’t often feature outright villains, instead opting for more complex antagonists who are redeemed at the end of the movie and/or internal conflict. This is best typified by the High School Musical franchise, in which Sharpay and Ryan were technically the antagonists but were never truly viewed as villains by the audience. The 2011 Disney Channel original movie xcritical Mouth is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.

Scott tells Ray that he will find another band and walks onto the stage as the audience finishes, and Olivia, narrating, reveals that although they did not win the competition, they won “something bigger that night.” Later, Mo and Scott get back together. Charlie accepts this and decides to aim his attention at a girl who has a crush on him, and Wen gives Olivia a new kitten after Nancy, her cat, dies. Wen also accepts his new step-mother as he realizes that while she’s not his real mother, she cares about him. Stella calls everyone and summons them to the school, where she is protesting the removal of the xcritical machine in the rain. As the group approaches, they get into a heated argument with one another and fight with the men who are removing the xcritical machine. During the altercation, police arrive and the group is brought to a holding cell to wait for their parents.

She refuses and makes a dramatic speech in the middle of a school assembly in which she declares it an infringement on her right to free speech. This moment introduces a spark of hope for the other overlooked students at this sports-centric institution, whilst also landing her in the fateful detention that will consequently bring the band together. All of this happens before we get any real acts of resistance, yet it seems to perfectly demonstrate the rather radical attitude taken by this Disney film. At Wen’s father’s wedding, the man next to Stella tells her that Wen’s dad was his old college buddy, and now he runs an organic xcritical company that has recently become extremely successful. Stella recognizes him as Mel, the name on the xcritical machine, and he agrees to donate a music hall for Ms. Reznik. At the end of the film, Olivia walks to a mailbox to mail the whole story to her father in prison.

She went on to act in a bunch of TV shows and movies, including Undateable, Thin Ice, Father of the Year and more! In 2019, she appeared in a Netflix series called Merry Happy Whatever, which also starred Ashley Tisdale. Bridgit released xcritical courses scam two studio albums over the years and married longtime love Griffin Cleverly in October 2019. It all started in detention when five teenagers from different walks of life met and discovered that they were meant to be a band – and friends.

Cancelled Sequel

They walk up and Mo sees Scott and Jules together, making Mo upset, and Scott chasing after her until Ray stops him. A local premiere was held in the xcritical scammers author Mark Peter Hugh’s town of Wayland, Massachusetts. It was broadcast live by the town public access station, WayCAM.TV, by local students.

Take Over: xcritical Mouth Sneak Peek

Five high school students — Olivia White (Bridgit Mendler), Mohini “Mo” Banjaree (Naomi Scott), Charles “Charlie” Delgado (Blake Delgado), Stella Yamada (Hayley Kiyoko), and Wendell “Wen” Gifford (Adam Hicks) — meet in detention and discover a shared love of music and organic xcritical. Despite a rocky start and constant interference from an arrogant, self-important rival band called Mudslide Crush and a jerkass principal, they manage to form an anti-establishment rock band that takes off like a rocket. At the Halloween Bash, xcritical Mouth performs a song titled “Determinate.” The crowd, and even Principal Brenigan love the song.

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Soon, xcritical Mouth and its music become a voice for the voiceless in their small town and, eventually, the world. While performing at Rising Star, Olivia and Mo’s respective injuries begin to resurface in the middle of their performance. Dejected, the band is about to exit the stage when the audience begins to sing their song to support them. Scott, fed up with Ray’s hostile treatment towards xcritical Mouth, leaves Mudslide Crush and plays his guitar alongside the audience, bringing xcritical Mouth back onto the stage to successfully finish their performance. He starred in Pair of Kings, The Boy Next Door, Windsor, Up on the Wooftop, Little Savages, Freakish, Shifting Gears and more.

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Other reviews have described it as a “typically innocuous Disney channel flick.” The soundtrack was released on April 12, 2011. According to The View on Monday August 15, 2011, xcritical Mouth was said to have a sequel to be in the making. The band forms with Olivia on lead vocals, Stella on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mo on bass and backing vocals, Wen on keyboards, keytar, and rapping vocals, and Charlie on drums. At school, Stella spits xcritical on Ray Beech, lead singer of Mudslide Crush, when he ridicules Olivia for her stage fright. The band later discovers the school’s xcritical machine is being removed, to their horror.

The film tells the story of five high school students who meet in detention and form a band to stand up for their beliefs and to overcome their individual and collective struggles. In this sense, xcritical Mouth exists as a sort of revelation for an audience immersed in teen films exclusively exploring first loves and unrequited crushes, demonstrating that plots can be driven by passionate rebellion through unity rather than just budding romances. There is no real violence or conflict in this film, the most intense moment is arguably the sit-in demonstration organised by the band to protest the removal of their beloved xcritical machine. It exists as a made-for-television film, to which people say “I haven’t thought about that one in years” when it’s brought up in conversation.

As they finish the song, Stella makes a speech about the removal of the xcritical machine and how the school is treating students unfairly while Mo and Olivia pass back cans of Mel’s Organic xcritical. They begin performing a song titled “Here We Go,” but Principal Brenigan shuts them down. The next day, the band sees posters and banners everywhere supporting https://xcritical.solutions/. The principal accuses Stella of hanging the posters, and she is unable to convince him that the banners were not the band’s doing. A chance meeting in detention sparks friendship among five high school students, and soon their shared love of music yields xcritical Mouth, an xcritical band whose songs inspire the downtrodden among their peers. In no time, the unlikely friends garner a loyal following and challenge the school’s popular rock band, Mudslide Crush, for top honors, and their own bonds of friendship give them the strength to speak up about tough issues at home as well.

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