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At HubSpot, we have a list of questions remote employees might want to ask key stakeholders during these coffee chats. We’ve talked about having a detailed onboarding plan above, and we’re going to reiterate here that the plan you create should have structure and milestones. Milestones like going on the first sales call or making a first sale will give your remote employees something to strive for. One thing that is missing from remote onboarding is the personal touch of getting to meet new colleagues.

This is particularly troubling when you consider that only 12% of employees say that their company offers a good onboarding experience. Even for contractors brought on for short-term projects, it’s still important to provide opportunities to interact with full-time workers to gain a better understanding of the company. Their onboarding process will likely be shorter but should contain education on the company’s culture, work style, and expectations. “Pair each new hire with an onboarding buddy to answer the typical ‘I’m new here! ’ questions, and invest in onboarding experiences — ideally, bringing new hire cohorts together in-person for culture and rapport building,” says Darren Murph. A standardized process for allowing employees to select their equipment and having it shipped to them ahead of their first day on the job will give new hires the tools they need for success before they ever get started.

Office workers are choosing remote work over higher pay

Another challenge for Remote onboarding is that team members often feel isolated, missing out on office interactions that build strong connections and company culture. On-site onboarding provides in-person connections and hands-on experiences, while onboarding a candidate on remote accommodates the flexibility of remote work and offers a scalable solution for a distributed workforce. The choice between them depends on the organization’s specific needs and its readiness to embrace remote work or a hybrid model. In a remote setting, mentors or buddies provide guidance through virtual channels, offering help and advice online. On-site onboarding requires employees to be physically present at the workplace.

Certain elements, like the welcome email or getting their workspace set up, will help new hires feel appreciated and excited to start their new role. Analytical tools can help identify patterns, predict success, and measure the effectiveness of recruitment strategies, allowing organizations to make more informed decisions and enhance their overall recruitment outcomes. There should also be an informal introduction to the team to understand your company culture and a conversation to remote onboarding best practices fully communicate the new employee’s role and duties. Ensure there are regular catch-ups so both the employee and employer are in sync and doing what’s expected of them. Our onboarding checklist gives you a complete list of tasks that will ensure your new employee gets everything they need to assimilate into your company. Successful onboarding won’t just equip your new employees with the tools and knowledge they’ll need, it will also create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere.

The Complete Remote Onboarding Checklist For Virtual Employees In 2023 [With Template]

A study by McKinsey from spring 2022 found that in the US, 35% of employees had the option to work from home full-time while 90% were able to work under a hybrid model. Many are started around those who share a characteristic, whether it’s gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or interest. Then, during their first month, scheduled Slack messages will be sent to remind new hires to fill out paperwork instead of requiring them to tackle everything on the first day. Week two of onboarding then gets into the specialized tracks with sessions for specific teams. You’ve probably heard of the Calm app, but did you know there’s also Calm for Business?

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You’ll do all this in an environment of excellence and the highest ethical standards – a place where values such as integrity, inclusive diversity and accountability are paramount. We empower every employee to lead, drive change and give back where they work and live. Our people are our greatest strength, and we work as one team in service of our customers and communities. The five Cs of new-hire onboarding include compliance, clarification, culture, connection and checking back. Employee onboarding provides new hires with the skills, context, knowledge and tools they need to get up to speed in their new role.

Onboarding checklist for 2023

Throw in the added complexities of engaging with remote employees and onboarding becomes even more indispensable. Spend more time than you generally would in a face-to-face environment talking about what is typical and atypical across various cultural dimensions. Create the space for your new colleagues to ask about the way things are done as well.

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